Family Film

Family or lifestyle films create a time capsule for you and your family. Something you can look back on and relive your child’s precious laughter, your morning routine or the love and connection you share with each other.

Whether it’s making breakfast in the morning together or swinging in the park, we will spend 3-4 hours with you, doing what you love to do together as a family.

What’s included:
Each family film session you will receive a beautifully edited cinematic home movie (usually 3-4min) and lifestyle photos(at least 20 photos).


Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photo sessions are the same as a family film, a perfect way to document your day to day, just photos only. It’s wonderful for remembering the little details of your little ones and showing how your lives together are at this current moment.

What’s included:
Each lifestyle photo session usually runs about 2 hrs in your home and you will receive approximately 70 edited images via digital download.


First year film

The first year of your child’s life goes by SO quickly. They grow SO much, so fast. A First Year session is a great way to not let the little details slip away in the hustle and bustle that we all know as parents.

What’s included:
A First Year film includes four 2hr sessions throughout the first year. The first one will take place within the first 10 days, then a session at 4 months, 8 months and finally 1 yr.

You will receive a beautifully edited video(usually 3-4min), stitching together the growth of your child, and images(at least 20 from EACH session).


Weekday minis

Weekday mini’s are photos only same as the lifestyle photos above just a smaller session. Don’t be fooled by the “mini” in the title of this session! You will end up with plenty of beautiful images from our Weekday Mini’s!

What’s included:
Each photo session usually runs about 1 hr in a single location of your choosing and you will receive approximately 30 edited images via digital download.


Wedding film

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. From writing your vows to picking the perfect dress, and even choosing the color of the napkins, so many details go into creating your perfect day.

A wedding film is a fantastic way to make sure you never forget a single moment. It will go by so quick and we make sure that every detail is properly captured!

What’s included:
Every wedding celebration is unique in its on way so please feel free to reach out to us, and we will create the perfect package for you based on your wedding day.



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