The B Family


Hi there! My name is Cara Burk. My husband, Chris, and I are the photographers behind B. Here is just a little bit of our story…

Our History

My dad is a photographer, so you could say photography is in my bones. He taught me to shoot and gave me my very first camera. I found my passion for photography in high school, then went on receive my BFA in Photography and soon after started my own portrait and wedding photography business. Chris realized his passion for photography through me. He started picking up the camera more to practice and learn the ropes and when our daughter, Bobbi, came along, he took it a step further and started making beautiful home videos. Through him, I fell in love with video and storytelling.

Our Passion

We wanted our daughter to have beautiful memories to look back on when she got older. So we began to document the memories we wanted to keep forever. After sharing our videos, we both realized that many families wanted the same as us. A way to keep their favorite memories for their children too. And that is how B came about…

Life moves so quickly and we get to slow down one day for you to keep forever. We have the best jobs in the world, getting to create precious treasures for your family!

Cara & Chris



Check out our Home Movies

We have made a few films for our own family.
Click below to see a small collection of our personal family films.