Miles Vow Renewal

The first time I spoke with Michelle about the possibility of filming her vow renewal, she told me that it was so important to show her kids how much her and Dan love each other. These two wonderful people vowed their love to each other 10 years ago. They of course have loved each other much longer than that but 10 years ago they made a choice to have one another’s backs through thick and thin. Over those 10 years they have made a beautiful family and a beautiful life together.

Though I have barely known them for 10 weeks let alone 10 years, it is so very clear how much love and respect these two have for each other. First we got to film their family, and seeing them move through their daily routines was like watching a choreographed dance. They have their family down to a science. Then we were asked to help document this beautiful occasion for them and what a dream it was! All day as they got ready and all night you could feel the love in the air. Like I said, I didn’t know them back when they first started dating or when they first got married but to me it feels like they are still just the same kids in love. (But better because now they have their kids to love too!)

All that to say, I don’t think there will ever be any question in these kiddos heads about if their parents love each other. They show it effortlessly through the way they love one another and they way they love their kids. Happy 10 years Michelle & Dan! Cant wait to see the 20 year renewal! ;)

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