Winter Family

The Winters are such a sweet family. You can easily see the love they share for each other when they are spending time together as a family. In addition to being an awesome wife to her husband Jason and super mama to little Evie, Lynn is a full-time lawyer, an Instagram influencer, part-time dance teacher and she is the blogger behind Motherhood in Motion. Even with all they have going on in their day to day schedule, they still find the time to spend quality time together as a family doing the things they love most.

On a typical day, it’s off to work and school for most of the day. In the afternoon, typically Jason or Dad will pick up little “E” from school, they eat a light dinner and then he takes her to swim class at Emler Swim school. After they get home its bath time, teeth brushing and off to bed. They read three stories and then either Mom or Dad rocks her to sleep.

For their family film we captured their afternoon just as described from swim class to bedtime stories and plus a little extra here and there like snuggles with their precious fur babies. One on my favorite adorable moments that I was able to film, was catching little Evelyn sing songs from one of her favorite movie ‘The Lion King.’ We couldn’t be more pleased with how their film came out and we are extremely privileged to be able to capture this special time in their lives for them to be able to treasure, look back and hold onto forever.

Their Family Film

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