Miles Family


The Miles Family does “Happy Hour” a little different than most people. Their happy hour happens every evening about 5pm just like the rest of us but their’s takes place in their own little world on the front porch of their 100 year old house! Michelle and Dan spend their time sipping their drinks and watching their two sweet kiddos, Charlie and Jackson ride bikes and climb trees.

For Michelle, this film was about remembering “how truly little they once were!” This film came at a time of transition for the Miles family, with the possibility of moving in their near future it was so important for them to capture the home where they brought their babies home. They wanted to remember the tree house in the back yard that Daddy built with his own hands, and the fire place that they restored themselves! But more important than that, they wanted to be able to look back on the love they shared, side by side, in their first family home.

Chris and I got the pleasure of getting to join their little world for a night in early July to capture a family film for them. We truly enjoyed getting to work with the Miles family and look forward to getting to work with them again in the future. Here are some of our favorite photos and the sweet family film we created! Hope you enjoy!

Their Family Film


Their Photos