Holloway Family

This film holds a special place in my heart. I knew Kelsey before she ever had kids. Back when she owned and operated a small resale shop in Dallas. I was her product photographer. When I left that job about a year later we stayed in touch through social media, so I still got to see her kiddos start to grow up. I was so excited when Kelsey said she wanted us to film her morning with her Bailey and Preston. The only Kelsey I had ever seen was one before kids and what a treat it was to get to witness her as Mom.

Kelsey wanted a typical morning for them to be captured so that is what we got. Dad, Riley, made breakfast while the kids played. After breakfast they loaded up and went to The Oak Point Nature Preserve for a walk while Riley began his daily work. When they get back they spend time outside, their backyard is very important to them. Kelsey said that the kids would stay out there all day if she would let them! Preston likes to play at the water table while Bailey “bakes” treats.

This is their everyday. The time that is special to them and the activities that they will hold onto forever. Preston will grow up talking about watching Daddy paint in the garage and Bailey will always remember backing her first cupcakes with mud in the back yard. The beauty now is that they wont have to strain to remember the details. They can look back on them forever.

Here is the info for Riley’s Exhibit if you are interested in checking it out:
Riley Holloway
Opening Aug 22 6-8pm
The African American Museum of Dallas
Showing thru Sept 7

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