Flores Family Film

Sunday, for the Flores family, is what you might expect for a typical weekend day. They eat breakfast together, get ready for the day and then it’s all about spending quality time as a family, relaxing and playing around the house with the kiddos. Their precious little ones, Sammy and Abby, are 2 years and 5 months old and they had just purchased their first home together, so for Sam and Huntyre, their family film was a chance to bottle up this special time for their family to remember and relive for the rest of their lives. They wanted to look back at how much Abby loved her big brother Sammy, the adorable things that little Sammy would say and just how much they love and care for each other.

The Flores family are very close to our hearts. We were able to capture everything they wanted and we had an incredible time documenting a day for them. You can easily see the love they share for one another and the strong connection they have in almost everything we caught that day. Here are some of our favorite photos and the sweet family film we created!

Their Photos

Their Family Film

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